Just-in-time inventory that drives traffic and sales
As the publisher of distributor pricing in the Beverage Journals nationwide, Beverage Media Group is in a unique position to provide an accurate listings of items that are available in your market.  


To that end, we've developed a unique feature to our eCommerce platform called "virtual inventory" that allows retailers to offer these available products alongside their own store inventory. Retailers select items they want to sell based on category, price, size, and distributor to enhance their promotions online; items are priced and discounted by the store based on the front-line price.

More SKUs = More Traffic
The addition of thousands of items to your inventory online will immediately lift the traffic and sales for your website. Search engines and wine directory sites will contain thousands of additional links back to your website drawing customers for products that are available in your market. Once a sale has been received you can decide whether to order enough to satisfy a single customer, or to take advantage of deeper deals to improve your margin.

Daily Availability Updates from Major Distributors Minimizes Cancellations
The availability of a large majority of these items is confirmed each business day by distributors, with out-of-stock items removed automatically. In some cases the distributor may remove items based on quantity thresholds or strategic goals. Website messages set an expectation in consumers that the store needs to confirm availability. Overall, Virtual Inventory is maintained in a way that increases your confidence in your ability to deliver on customer orders.

Completely Integrated with your BevSites website
Virtual inventory is completely integrated with the BevSites ecommerce platform so that distributor items are linked to the same product code as the retailer’s SKU. This means that if store items dip out-of-stock they can be automatically replaced by distributor items at a price that reflects the correct margin over the current cost. Managing high volumes of virtual inventory sales is made easy using ordering tools built into the administrative area of the BevSites system.