Spirits 2000 POS by Atlantic Systems, Inc.

Quick Facts

Atlantic Systems is based out of Wall Township, NJ.  They began offering POS systems since 1980, and are one of the most established vendors in the space.


Their software, Spirits is one of the most common POS systems in the wine and spirits industry with over a thousand installations nationwide.  The POS system itself is designed specifically for the wine retail and contains a number of native features with this mind.  While Spirits is intended for stores typically with 2+ active cash registers, Atlantic Systems also offers a "Spirits Express" version for smaller businesses.

How BevSites Integrates

Spirits is the very first POS system that BevSites worked with--back in 2003.  With over a decade of time spent working with this system, our integration methods have become very sophisticated.


Reading Inventory Updates

We can easily integrate any version of Spirits POS with our eCommerce platform and sync ongoing inventory updates to your website:  stock updates, price updates, new items, vintage changes, sale list changes, and so on.  While we can handle this via an inventory extract provided by Atlantic Systems, we prefer to leverage a desktop software we've created called eStage, which can connect directly to the Spirits POS database.  This gives us vast flexibility when it comes to adapting our solution to the way a store uniquely manages their inventory data.  Updates can be read to the website as frequently as desired.


Importing Processed Web Orders (Closing the Loop)

With the Spirits POS eCommerce module, the POS system can import any processed web order from a BevSites eCommerce site.  This will then automatically consolidate customer sales.


Price File Integration

If you're in a market where Beverage Media receives wholesaler data, this information can be made available within your Spirits POS system--making it easy to monitor ongoing updates to wholesale costs on your inventory.


eOrders Integration

eOrders, a Beverage Media software, allows for flexible estimates of reorder quantities based on previous sales history. A purchase order can be imported back into Spirits to prepare for the receipt of goods, or goods can be received within eOrders before writing the completed order into Spirits. Orders are then placed directly with the wholesalers using eOrders.

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