Illinois Sales Tax Lawsuits Coming to Closure

If your case is still pending, read on, as action is required by Sept 15th.

As many of you know, during last year's holiday season there were a barrage of lawsuits stemming from an unscrupulous law firm in IL that targeted out-of-state retailers. The lawsuits aimed to take advantage of Illinois's unique "whistleblower" laws that permit law firms to pursue legal action on behalf of the site. The firm in question, in particular, specialized in exploiting ambiguities in the IL tax code and entangling out-of-state retailers (across all industries) with lawsuits. At this juncture, many retailers and wineries have already had their cases dismissed. However, the IL Attorney General's office as taken further steps to end the issue once and for all. There is legislation under review (that will likely be approved in the next two months) that will further cement that out-of-state retailers don't have to collect sales tax on shipments to IL (with a few minor caveats). Additionally, the Attorney General has stated that she will exercise her prerogative to dismiss any pending cases provided the defendants can submit proof of their compliance by September 15th. For full details on this story, click here to be redirected to the wine and spirits legal blog Don't hesitate to reach out to us with any additional questions!

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