Converting Personal WA Subscription to Commercial

One common question that has come is what stores can do if they have "personal" subscriptions, which they want to convert to "commercial" subscriptions.

This is the process laid out by the team:

The first step is to set up your new Commercial Subscription with a different username from your existing Personal Subscription. Once the Commercial account is created we can cancel your Personal Subscription and credit 1/2 the time to your new Commercial account due to the difference in price for personal ($99) versus commercial ($199) per year. In addition, we will credit 3 extra months Free of Charge.

To finalize the conversion you'll need to contact to cancel your Personal account. you will need to provide your new Commercial Subscription Group ID or username as well as the email address associated with your Personal Subscription.

You can review the Commercial subscription details, commercial subscription agreement, FAQ and purchase application at the link below. Please note that if you have multiple outlets in your group that are using the scores and tasting notes you should create a multi-user, group Commercial License to provide access to for the team members.

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