Rotate Promotions and Update Graphics as Needed

Promote your Seasonal Selections

Old and irrelevant promotions will drive customers away when your website looks like it hasn’t been updated in months. It’s important to keep your customers in mind all year round, especially during seasonal transitions. To avoid your website becoming stale, update your promotions frequently with a mixture of seasonal products. These updates should occur in the most prominent areas of your homepage design. Promo groups are an easy way to achieve this. Rotate the products with choices that make sense for that time of the year. For the undecided customers out there, make the decision easy for them by highlighting your top recommendations for that particular season. We Offer a Graphic Design Service Creating enticing graphics is also an effective way to draw your customer’s attention to promotions. If you have a slideshow on your homepage, adding new slides each season will help keep your website fresh and engaging. If you know a graphic designer who can create new slides for your store, Beverage Media will assist you on how to update your slideshow. If you don’t know a designer, we provide a design service here in the office at a flat rate of $25 per graphic. We work directly with our clients to create professional imagery based on their ideas and promotions. We encourage you to reach out anytime so we can help you and your website reach its full potential.

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