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Hello everyone! We'd like to formally announce how much we love our support ticket system (Freshdesk) and a reminder that we're building system documentation there. This thing is great. On average, our office has about 80-120 active requests at any given time. Freshdesk has given us a way to keep all of this organized, and also give us a way to see what each person here is working on at any given time. If you haven't noticed this ticket system in play yet, don't worry! If we receive pertinent requests by e-mail or phone, we separately are creating tickets into our system. To that end, please feel free to e-mail/call us. All that said, if you decide to e-mail, this will submit your request directly into our system--which is monitored by James, Simon, and Andrew.

Lastly and very importantly--while you do not have to use Freshdesk, there are some advantages to doing so:

  1. Keep Track of Requests. By having an account, you can track all of your requets and view a history of requests.

  2. Documentation. We have begun and will be continuing to build out system documentation and useful content within Freshdesk's "Solutions" section.

If you're not sure if you have a Freshdesk account, you can try the log-in page at However, if you're not having any luck, please just e-mail us directly, and we'll send an account activation e-mail your way. All best, The Staff at Bevsites

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