Free Wine Alert with Google Shopping Subscribers

We are pleased to announce a promotion to all our stores pairing Wine Alert with Google Shopping. We normally charge $75 and $50/month for these services, respectively, but we are happy to offer you both services for $50/month (plus a one-time start-up fee for Google Shopping). This is a good way to drive quality traffic to your site and is something that we recommend for all stores on our platform. Wine Alert is a service by that matches your products with Wine Advocate reviews so we can populate this data on your site. Additionally, this service lists your store on as a place to buy the product a customer is searching for. Wine Alert also provides access to Wine Advocate shelf talkers to be used in in your brick and mortar store. Among the pay-per-click services, Google Shopping has been the most profitable for stores on our platform. Since Amazon went down last year, Google Shopping has continued to improve and adapt to the demands of advertisers. One advantage of Google Shopping over other pay-per-click services is the control we have over the ads themselves. We can geo-target states that you ship to, set a daily spending limit, adjust the pay-per-click bid on different product segments, and remove products that are not performing well. As we’ve written before, Wine Advocate has introduced a commercial license, which gives your store the right to display ratings and reviews on your website. To be eligible for the above program, you need to have a commercial license from If you already have a commercial subscription, please enter it into the form on your Admin > Configurations page that says “ username.” To get started on Google Shopping reach out to us and we can get you set up. If you have any questions on this promotion or want to discuss the particulars in greater detail, let Simon Lee know and he can set up a time for a phone conversation.

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