Scam Alert: SEO Payment

As we all know, email scams are prevalent. If you receive an email about your domain(s), and you have any doubts about it, please contact us and we will review it for you.

I recently received an email that looked official. I initially thought that I needed to make a payment or I would lose my domain:

copy of email solicitation

I was cautious and read it carefully. Looking at the fine print, it stated it was a solicitation for an SEO submission service. This is something I don't need, and I would never trust an agency that just tried to trick me!

Things to look for that may indicate a scam/solicitation:

  1. A logo or company name - this looked too generic. There isn't a company name/logo anywhere.

  2. Spelling/grammar mistakes - tell-tale sign someone who doesn't know English used a translator to convert from their language to English and could be from oversees. (Remember the Nigerian scam from years ago?)

  3. Contact information - if it's not in the header or footer of the email, they are in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act and a good sign it isn't legit

  4. Read the fine print - Look for "This is not a Bill" or "solicitation". Words and phrases that cast doubt it's a real invoice.

Some scams might just try to have you send money and use the domain name(s) as the reason for this. There are others that will take your domain from your current Registrar and transfer it to another Registrar. We, and BMG, take this seriously. For all the domains that you have entrusted us to monitor, you will notice a couple things:

  1. You are still the owner of your domain. We will never be the registrant owner.

  2. We will put one of our email addresses (usually "") as the email for all the contacts so that when we get these scam emails, we can weed them out. We also get any important emails about status notifications so we can check on why we received them.

  3. We will put Zinergy Internet Services and it's contact information as the Administrative, Technical and Billing Contact. This will come to our office. We do this so you don't have to pay for Domain Privacy and so we can monitor the domain(s). It's an extra layer of security.

If you currently do not have us monitoring your domain(s), and would like us to do so, please contact the Cambridge office. If you would still rather monitor the domain(s) yourself, lookout for these types of scams.

#fraud #dns

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