The Effects of Hurricane Sandy

As of this point websites on our eCommerce platform have been operating without interuption throughout the length of this storm. Power has been lost at both our NYC and NJ offices and it may be days before it can be restored. Our Internet host has been operating on generator backup for over 24 hours and has secured a reliable supply of diesel fuel for the next 72 hours. In the meantime they continue to work with technicians from PS&G to restore electricity supply to that facility. I presume additional fuel can be purchased if the generator needs to be used over the weekend. Data services in and out of the building appear to be strong and are running at full capacity. With our Main Street office in Hackensack out of action some services have been affected mainly for sites in development or with data-only services. We still plan to move this office to the same building where our websites are hosted (although too late to benefit from their backup power this time). The email campaign mail server which uses an Optimum online data line has been offline because of a failure with that service. Our staff in NY and NJ are working from home but are mostly without power and Internet making it difficult to reach them. As far as we know everyone is safe. The latest news is that our NYC office just had its power restored although without public transport there will be a small staff working from that location this week.


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