We move our Web Hosting facility this weekend

The facility which hosts your website will move to a new building this weekend which will have an impact on the performance of your website.This move involves physically moving racks of blade servers from one building to the other so the move could take your site offline for an hour or two. At this point we don't know what time this weekend the move will happen, but you should take this into account with any email campaigns or other marketing efforts that will drive traffic to your website over the weekend. The owner of the hosting facility is sensitive to minimizing the disruption to your business, but I would add that this is a complicated process and it has been postponed several times as issues have come up, so he is not in compete control of the schedule. If we learn more about the timing it will be posted as a comment to this blog. This move increases our capacity and bandwidth and we will move our Hackensack office to the same building later this summer. When we move the office it won't impact your website but will likely affect any email hosted by us, although after the move we won't be vulnerable to the power outages that have affected us in downtown Hackensack.


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