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Google has been in the process of making multiple changes to how they process feeds for Google Products during the last two weeks. In this time, many of you have noticed a steady drop in traffic from Google Products and we've noticed it as well. We are in the process of making changes to the feeds that we send Google on a daily basis to combat this drop in traffic. We are learning more each week and adjusting the feeds as necessary. Much like when Google's organic search gets adjusted, Google does not give out information on exactly what changed or how they determine product ranking and SEO. We are using many different resources at the moment to research and implement changes in order to boost numbers back up again. In conjunction with this, Google is implementing changes to their feed requirements. Starting tomorrow, feeds are required to contain UPC codes. On our side, we have adjusted the file that we send to Google to include this information if it is present. We have discovered that UPC codes less than 12 digits are not sufficient for Google. With that being the case, we have added some logic that will pull your longest UPC code for any given item. If you have a 10 digit UPC and a 12 digit UPC for the same product, we will pull the longer UPC in order to give you the best chance of having your item accepted. We have instituted a temporary fix for your in store items lacking UPCs (or lacking 12 digit UPCs). Using matching, we are pulling across any acceptable UPCs from our database that match your item. It's very important to note that this is only a temporary fix as our UPCs are second hand and may not be correct. In order to get the most correct information for your in store products, it is your store's responsibility to make sure you are collecting and storing UPC codes in your POS system. If you are a store using virtual inventory, we are using a similar process for virtual items. We are pulling the most relevant UPC data from our database for each item that we can. We can not be certain of how Google will handle items lacking UPC codes but it is reasonable to expect that they may outright reject any items lacking this information. We will know more about how Google handles these items in the coming days and weeks. We'll continue to research solutions and figure out what other adjustments need to be made.

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