What does your About Us page say about you?

A review of the About Us pages on our retailer websites revealed that about a third show little more than contact information. For first time visitors to your website this is a popular first step in establishing that the store they want to shop with is a legitimate business. While this task was probably not a priority when you first launched your website you could be missing an opportunity with prospective customers by not having a well written About Us page. I also know some stores that don't feel comfortable writing copy of any kind, let along about themselves. To give you a chance to make a strong impression to potential new customers we are offering to interview you about the strengths of your store and write up a few paragraphs of information for your About Us page. We will use one of the Beverage Media editors for this task and charge a small fee to cover their time. Also, if you have pictures of the store that can be combined with this it will create a good looking page. Let us know if this is something that you think would help your website.


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