RMS (Retail Management System) by Microsoft

Quick Facts

Retail Management System (RMS) is one of the most ubiquitous POS systems across retail industries within wine/spirits as well as other verticals.  Since Microsoft is the system's developer, most businesses purchase their version of RMS from a reseller that handles the set-up and offers ongoing POS support for the store.  


Stores can invest in a wide variety of packages as it relates to RMS.  On one hand, a store can work with a vendor like OpSuite which offers RMS as a POS solution but also bundles in other modules/applications to address additional business needs.  Alternatively a store might buy the software from a local reseller who can also offer a support contract and handle the IT needs of the business.  At the same time, a store can simply purchase an RMS license, download the software, and making configuring it a DIY project (note, we generally would not recommend that).  


Because RMS is not specific to the wine/spirits industry, stores should be careful when initially setting up the software and should carefully consider all the unique fields they'll need.  Fields such as size, vintage, and case quantity are not default fields and are very well worth adding upon install.

How BevSites Integrates

RMS is yet another system we've worked with for quite some time.  Our first inventory integration with the software happened in 2006.  However, while we know the RMS SQL database intimately, some points of integration ultimately rely on getting support from the store's reseller.  


Reading Inventory Updates

Regardless of whether or not you even have a reseller, BevSites is able to read ongoing inventory updates from RMS.  Provided the store knows the credentials to the RMS SQL database, we're able to connect to it directly and read inventory data to the website.  This includes flags on non-discountable items, multiple price fields, and really just about anything you can see on the main item detail page of the system.


Importing Processed Web Orders (Closing the Loop)

Here's where a reseller becomes vital for a store. While BevSites can generate/export processed order files in a few different formats, a store's reseller/RMS support vendor would have to set up a routine to download and import this information.  


Price File Integration

If you're in a market where Beverage Media receives wholesaler data, this information can be made available within your RMS POS system--making it easy to monitor ongoing updates to wholesale costs on your inventory.


eOrders Integration

eOrders, a Beverage Media software, allows for flexible estimates of reorder quantities based on previous sales history. A purchase order can be imported back into RMS to prepare for the receipt of goods, or good can be receiving within eOrders before writing the completed order into RMS. Orders are then placed directly with the wholesalers using eOrders.

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