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Quick Facts

Revel POS is a San Francisco-based start-up that launched their POS system in 2010.  The system is Cloud-based, utilizes tablet-based cash registers, and is built to be flexible across industries:  retail, restaurants, and more.  


It's a fairly simple system that is budget-friendly when it comes to setting it up initially for a store.  However, since it's built to be generic and flexible rather than specific to wine and spirits retail, there's an onus on a store to set up and manage important wine inventory attributes that aren't necessarily native to the system.


All that said, despite Revel only launching their software in 2010, their install base is massive across industries, and they're already at 200+ employees as a company.  When compared to some of the other more recent tablet-based POS system start-ups, it has a pretty strong base.


Lastly, it's worth noting that Quickbooks POS is marketing a tablet-based version of their system, which is really a white-labeled version fo Revel POS.  So if you're running the tablet version of Quickbooks POS, this is the right page for the details.

How BevSites Integrates

Revel POS is one of the newest systems that BevSites has worked with.  Our first project leveraging Revel POS launched in 2015.


Reading Inventory Updates

BevSites is able to read ongoing inventory updates to a website from Revel POS via the available developer API. These updates include adding new items, removing out of stock items, tracking product availability and pricing changes, and more.  Given that Revel POS is a somewhat flexible, generic system, and because it doesn't have many required fields, BevSites might make a number of suggestions on how a store maintains their POS data to maximize its sellability online.   


While there is a free version for the developer API, it's also worth noting that it has some very tight usage limits, and it generally doesn't tend to suffice for most projects.  Revel, however, does offer premium access levels to their API, so, provided a store is comfortable with the costs, there is an available inventory integration solution.

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