Quickbooks POS (QBPOS), by Inuit Inc.

Quick Facts

Though they're better known for their accounting software, Inuit Inc., the company behind Quickbooks, also offers a light, basic POS system that is capable of integrating with our eCommerce platform.  


The current state of QBPOS is a bit curious and convoluted.  The traditional Quickbooks POS, which is desktop-based with a local database is still sold and supported.  However, they also separately now offer a tablet-based, cloud-based POS system--which is actually running Revel POS but is white-labeled as Quickbooks.  


To cut down on confusion, this page will be dedicated to the desktop version of QBPOS.  The tablet version will be discussed on the Revel Systems page.


QBPOS is a generic POS system that wasn't built specifically for the wine and spirits industry.  It does, however, support the creation and usage of custom fields, which give it a good amount fo flexibility.  This system is relatively simple and inexpensive.  It's perhaps best-suited for smaller businesses with 1-2 cash registers.

How BevSites Integrates

BevSites's first project to leverage integration with QBPOS launched in 2007.  Over the years the integration strategy has changed a few times.  However, for all stores using the desktop version of QBPOS--regardless of version number--we're able to read inventory from the POS to website.


Reading Inventory Updates

BevSites can read continuous inventory updates from QBPOS to the web platform.  These updates include all core product details, pricing, and any and all custom fields the store sets up in the QBPOS interface.  The integration does require a 3rd party tool that stores must purchase separately (a one-time fee under $200).  However, integration set-up is reliable enough to allow stores to receive ongoing updates without having to manually trigger anything.

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