POSIM Retail POS System (EVO)

Quick Facts

POSIM, who powers one of the most dominant Mac-based POS systems in the United States, was originally founded in Overland Park, KS in 1986.  Over the years they've had a number of different versions of their software, and the most current version, which has been a game-changer for POS integration, is EVO.  


The software is designed to be very adaptable and open-ended.  It's used in other industries beyond wine and spirits, and, when first setting up the software, it may require adding or adapting some unique fields to address your needs.  Overall, this software is flexible and well-suited for small to medium sized stores.  


Additionally, as of 2015, POSIM supports multiple business locations.

How BevSites Integrates

BevSites first started working with POSIM in 2008, when most stores used an earlier version of their software called "Diamond".  Over the years, perhaps no POS integration has changed so drastically with our system.


Reading Inventory Updates

Originally BevSites first set up inventory integration with POSIM "Diamond".  There are still a handful of stores using POSIM Diamond, but most businesses have now upgraded to EVO.  With Diamond, POS Integration is still possible; however, it requires some manual work by the store--defining a custom inventory report, running it on an ongoing basis, and loading it into our eCommerce system.


With EVO, however, POSIM has a well-supported API where we can connect and read ongoing inventory updates to your eCommerce website.  This includes reading new items, inventory updates, price changes, and more. Stores can also define and flag items in their POS which we should read or ignore.



Importing Processed Web Orders (Closing the Loop)

In addition to reading the inventory from POSIM, we can write processed order data back to the POS system itself.  This allows inventory to be consolidated, and it also allows stores to see all their order history in one spot.  We're able to provide this information, again, by leveraging the API that POSIM provides for EVO.  (Since the API is only available for EVO, this feature isn't supported on earlier versions of the software).

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