We have built wine eCommerce websites since 2003, and, consequently, we have our fair share of experience with this industry’s POS systems.  When it comes to building a successful eCommerce site, we also know that leveraging the inventory information in these systems is vital to show an accurate selection of items on your website.  

Depending on your system, we have a few different approaches to POS Integration, but most commonly we use our proprietary software (eStage) which will read your POS inventory on an ongoing basis and update your website.  This should remove the heavy lifting when it comes to managing your web inventory as the software can take care of the following things:


  • Inventory updates (new items are added, stock updates occur, out-of-stock items can be removed)

  • Leverage store categories, sale lists, and discount codes from the POS.

  • Create web-only prices or discount rules

  • Read custom-defined search variables (e.g. “wine by flavor”)


Some systems also offer modules that allow processed orders from your website to be read back into the POS system.  It’s not difficult for us to supply this data for any vendor. However, these are the systems that actively support this feature:


Magstar Total Retail

mPower POS

POS Anyware


Spirits POS (Atlantic Systems)

Vision POS/Wine POS (ICS)


That said, we support a very wide host of POS systems.  Here's a larger sample (though, if you don’t see yours listed, just shoot us a message to discuss how we can integrate!)




Cam Retail Star

Cash Register Express (PC America)

Cellar Tracker POS


Counterpoint POS

Creative Information System (Alan Chancer)

Infinity POS (Biztracker)

Insight Retail Software


Lightning POS (Computer Perfect)

Liquor POS (formerly Merchant Software, now owned by Heartland)

Magstar Total Retail


mPower POS


POS Anyware


Quickbooks POS

Revel POS

Smart LiQuik POS

Spirits POS (Atlantic Systems)

Tiger POS

RMS (Microsoft’s Retail Management System)

Unify POS

Vision POS/Wine POS (ICS)