POS Anyware by Summit Consulting Services

Quick Facts

POS Anyware is the product of Summit Consulting Services, which is based out of Bethel, CT--a couple hours north of New York City, near the NY/CT border.  Long-time Information Systems specialist Chris Wogksch is the face of the company and POS software, which is predominately used in CT and NY Metro area.  


The software is designed to be simple--yet effective and flexible.  Something that can be a fine fit for a small store with 1-2 cash registers, but can just as well work in a larger business--or even a business with multiple locations.


The system can support other industries; however, it has been optimized and designed primarily for the wine and spirits industry.  

How BevSites Integrates

BevSites has worked with Summit Consulting Services and POS Anyware since 2007.  


Reading Inventory Updates

With POS Anyware, BevSites reads ongoing inventory updates via an XML file that Summit is able to generate to our system on an ongoing basis.  This includes all sale pricing data as well as various quantity-discount price offers like "2-fers".   


Importing Processed Web Orders (Closing the Loop)

For all orders that have been processed on the website, BevSites can export this data to be re-imported into POS Anyware to consolidate sold inventory.  This works best when combined with a payment gateway such as Authorize.net to make the process of capturing funds and depleting inventory seamless.


Price File Integration

Beverage Media has wholesaler market data for both the CT and NY markets and can make this information can be made available within your POS Anyware system--making it easy to monitor ongoing updates to wholesale costs on your inventory.

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