mPower Beverage Software

Quick Facts

mPower Beverage Software is a POS system developed by InfoSolve, Inc., a company based out of Dallas, TX that began working on POS solutions in 1998.  


One of the greatest strengths of the software is its adaptability. It's used in businesses that have a single location as well as multiple locations.  Stores that are 1,000 square feet as well as 30,000+ square feet. Operations that run at < $1M/year as well as > $10M/year.


The POS system itself has been produced and optimized for the wine and spirits industry and contains a number of native features that address industry-specific data challenges.  

How BevSites Integrates

It took a while for BevSites to first work with mPower.  Our first project with the system took place in late 2010, about 7 years after we began building eCommerce websites.  However, since then it's become one of the fastest-growing systems in our network with a number of key businesses running it nationwide.

Reading Inventory Updates

BevSites can read ongoing inventory updates from mPower Beverage to an eCommerce website.  This integration allows BevSites to add/remove items based on product availability, adjust prices, inventory counts, sale pricing (as promotions start/end), and more.  Rather than relying on a file extract, BevSites uses its eStage desktop software to read the information directly from the mPower SQL database.  This makes it easier to customize our integration around the specific needs and habits of a given store.



Importing Processed Web Orders (Closing the Loop)

After a store processes and finalizes orders on their BevSites eCommerce website, we can export this information to FTP for mPower to download and consolidate in the POS system.  This helps automatically remove inventory sold through the website, update sales history for existing customers, and create customer profiles for new first-time buyers.


Price File Integration

In markets where Beverage Media receives wholesaler data, we can provide a file of this information for businesses to import into their mPower POS.  This way you can see distributor product cost updates on the inventory you carry.


eOrders Integration

eOrders, a Beverage Media software, allows for flexible estimates of reorder quantities based on previous sales history. A purchase order can be imported back into mPower to prepare for the receipt of goods, or good can be receiving within eOrders before writing the completed order into mPower. Orders are then placed directly with the wholesalers using eOrders.

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