Lightning Online Point of Sale, by Computer Perfect

Quick Facts

Lightning Online Point of Sale is a Cloud-based application developed and supported by Computer Perfect who has been in business since 1989.  While Lightning POS isn't specifically built for wine and spirits retailers, Computer Perfect has been very involved in supporting the wine and spirits industry since their foundation and are personally familiar with its unique challenges.

A particularly nice feature of this POS system is that, though it's Cloud-based, there's a separate, reliable "offline mode" that can be used in case of an internet outage at the store.

How BevSites Integrates

Lightning streams inventory at a minimum of once per day, or can be configured to send inventory as often as a store needs.  The system has a "sell on internet" item flag, which can be integrated with the BevSites web platform so that undesirable SKUs can be filtered out and removed from the web presence.

Reading Inventory Updates

BevSites can ready inventory updates directly from Lightning POS into our web platform.  This includes data for price, volume discount pricing (e.g. 2 for $10, quantity on hand/stock, promotional pricing, and non-discountable item flags.  More or less any fields in the core item card detail page can be integrated with the platform.


Importing Processed Web Orders (Closing the Loop) - Feature Under Development

After a store processes and finalizes orders on their BevSites eCommerce website, we can export this information to Lightning POS to download and consolidate in the POS system.  This helps automatically remove inventory sold through the website, update sales history for existing customers, and create customer profiles for new first-time buyers.

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