Vision POS by ICS

Quick Facts

Innovative Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS) is based out of Manasquan, NJ.  Owner, Tony Pitale, first started the company in 1980, but had been working on POS software solutions even prior to this.


Their software, Vision POS, which was built specifically for the wine and spirits retail vertical, is one of the most common POS systems in the industry with over a thousand supported businesses nationwide.  ICS has always demonstrated a keen interest in digital solutions beyond the POS, and, over the years, have experimented with a number of different web-based add-ons.  


When it comes to eCommerce, the company was among the first to offer integration solutions.

How BevSites Integrates

Vision POS is one of the earliest systems for which BevSites developed an inventory integration.  Our first project with the software was completed in earlier 2006, and since then many others have followed.  


Reading Inventory Updates

Vision POS works a bit differently than most other POS systems that we work with.  Rather than being able to read data directly from the inventory database, stores must subscribe to a service called Vision Link which generates a website inventory extract file to our servers.  From there, BevSites downloads and integrates that file into the eCommerce platform.  Starting Vision Link service packages begin with a single file extract per day, but higher levels offer the ability of performing multiple extracts.


Importing Processed Web Orders (Closing the Loop)

The same Vision Link service used to generate inventory extracts also includes an option for downloading processed orders back into the POS system.  Vision POS handles this differently than most other POS systems as BevSites first exports the data to the Vision Link "Dashboard" where the order data is re-reviewed and then finalized.  The system also works primarily with Verifone's payment gateway, called Point (previously called Payware Connect).  In this system, funds are captured after an order is finalized on the Vision Link dashboard, and then inventory/customer order history is consolidated in the Vision POS system.


Price File Integration

If you're in a market where Beverage Media receives wholesaler data, this information can be made available within your Vision POS system--making it easy to monitor ongoing updates to wholesale costs on your inventory.

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