Counterpoint POS (NCR)

Quick Facts

Counterpoint POS is one of several point-of-sale systems that NCR offers, and it's particularly suitable for small retail businesses.  While not built specfically for wine and spirits retailers, many stores, typically those with 3+ cash registers, have elected to implement it.  The system offers a great amount of flexibility, though, the trade off for this convenience is that it demands more of store when it comes to system optimization.


NCR themselves need little introduction.  They're the only point-of-sale supplier that can claim they've been a company before automobiles were invented.  Founded as the National Cash Register Company in 1884, in Dayton, OH, they were the original cash register suppliers.  Today, they're now a publicly traded company based in Georgia that offers a myriad of POS and ERP solutions across a variety of industries.

How BevSites Integrates

The first BevSites website leveraging Counterpoint POS data launched in 2011.  


Reading Inventory Updates

Counterpoint POS does have a Magento inventory-linking service.  However, we find it more effective to simply read inventory data tables directly from the Counterpoint SQL database using our eStage software.  By doing this, we can easily read updates from all the core item detail fields as well as the many different custom fields that stores can set up an manage.  Given the flexibility of Counterpoint, BevSites may also make some recommendations to stores on how they can optimize their POS data for web use.


It's worth noting for stores that currently leverage Magento CMS + Counterpoint POS, it's very easy for us to migrate your existing solution.

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