Cash Register Express by pcAmerica (Heartland)

Quick Facts

Cash Register Express is a very basic, simple POS system that's best suited for stores with 1-2 cash registers.  The system is designed generically for retailers across industries, and doesn't offer native fields for wine retail-specific attributes such as vintage, case quantity, or even bottle size.  When setting up an inventory with this POS system, a store needs to carefully consider the data points they'll need to track--especially if they want to integrate this data with a website and wish to minimize growing pains.


This POS system is the key retailer POS for pcAmerica, who also has a restaurant POS called "Restaurant Pro Express".  Though pcAmerica still exists, they were acquired by Heartland Payment Systems in February 2015--alongside Liquor POS and a few other retailer POS systems.  Though under the Heartland umbrella, this system has not changed much since.

How BevSites Integrates

Cash Register Express is a relatively "new" POS integration for BevSites as our first project leveraging this POS system went live in 2010.


Reading Inventory Updates

We're able to update a website's inventory from Cash Register Express on an ongoing basis automatically by directly connecting to the system's database.  This allows up to read updates on essentially all the fields visible in the item details screens of the system, including stock levels, pricing, and product category/attribute info.

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