Biztracker Infinity POS, by ALLBiz Software, Inc.

Quick Facts

Biztracker Infinity POS is a product by ALLBiz Software, Inc. a technology company based out of Seminole, FL.  The system itself works with Windows/PCs and uses a local database.  It's not specifically built with wine retail in mind, but it's found a home in many stores, including some very significant businesses.  


While much of the Biztracker Infinity POS customer base is located in the Southeast, they also have clients nationwide.


In general, this system is intended for stores with 2+ cash registers; however, a version called "Biztracker Infinity Lite" is available for smaller locations.  The system also supports multiple store locations as well.

How BevSites Integrates

Biztracker Infinity POS is one of the newer interfaces that BevSites has built--back in 2014.  


Reading Inventory Updates

As with many other POS systems with a local inventory database, BevSites reads inventory information directly from the database and update the website on an ongoing basis.  This allows us to read inventory/availability updates along with changes in price, new items, etc.  Like with other systems that aren't built with wine retail specific in mind, BevSites may make recommendations to stores on how to adjust the POS data to optimize it for web and digital marketing purposes.

Contact Info

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